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Candy Packing Machine

CANDY Packing Machine concerns and scenario Candy packing machine should be able to pack in a weight range from 50gms to 1kg. The toffee packing has a unique characteristic, the toffees and candies are in different shapes and sizes and may be twist wrapped or pillow packed. The toffee should not get damaged in the process of putting them in a pouch, furthermore different net weights should be able to be packed in the same machine at the same time it should be easy to change over from one weight setting to the other. The same machine should be able to pack different pouch sizes. With growing raw material and manpower costs it becomes imperative that a candy packaging and toffee packing solution is created keeping in mind the requirement of the manufacturer. Less weight in a pouch can have some serious legal implications along with loss of reputation. Consequently the manufacturers are forced to give extra weight which may have a serious impact on the profitability in the long run. Solution – Candy Pouch Packing Machine Our toffee packing machine fills on the basis of weight and packs the pouches automatically. The video given below gives a detailed description of the solution for Toffee Candy Packing Machine. Toffee Candy Packaging machine can pack multiple weights in the same machine. The preset memory stores 10 different program settings for different nett weights. Clicking a few buttons recalls the previous setting easily. Forming chutes or the forming collar can be changed to suit different pouch sizes. The batch coding unit is capable of printing 4 lines. Printing may include the Nett Weight, MRP, Lot Code, Date of manufacture etc. The batch cutting unit cuts the strips into predefined number of pouches. The machine is available in various formats depending on the number of weighing heads to suit different pricing budgets and packing speeds for candy toffee packing. As the number of weighing heads increases the speed of the machine increases and this machine is available in a the variants of one head, two head and four weighing heads. This gives the user the flexibility of optimizing their budget and productivity requirement.
Automatic Candy Packing Machine
Semi Automatic Candy Packing Machine

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