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Namkeen Packing Machine

Namkeen Packing Machine Concerns and Scenario
  • Namkeen Packing Machine packs a wide variety of namkeen items. The namkeen is made from different materials like poha, bhujya, peanut etc which makes the bulk density inconsistent. For the same volume the weight of every pouch will be different. This makes it difficult to pack it in volumetric cup fillers. The cup filler is a lower cost solution but gives inaccuracy in the nett weight. Namkeen Packing machine must be able to pack multiple products and multiple net weights in the same machine.
  • Though there is an adjustment available in a cup filler but it is difficult to keep adjusting during production run. Less weight in pouch has legal implications and causes loss of reputation, which forces manufacturers to fill more. Due to this the average weight of material in every pouch increases from the permissible levels.
  • Also the client may like to pack different nett weights in the same machine with minimum change parts. It should also be easy to change from one weight setting to the other in case of change over. It should be easy to change over from one product being packed to the other product being packed.
Solution for Namkeen Packing Machine
  • A weigh filler coupled with an automatic bagger makes the most optimal solution for packing namkeen. Please click on the video below to have a detailed understanding on the machine and how it operates.
  • Different nett weights can be set up in the same machine and 10 different program settings can be stored in the machine which can be recalled at the click of a few buttons. As regards the different pouch sizes they can be formed in the same machine by changing the chute or the collar former of the machine.
  • As the machine fills on the basis of weight the variation of bulk density does not pose a problem because the machine does the actual weight of the product.
  • The machine is available in various formats Single head weigher with bagger, two head weigher with bagger and four head weigher with bagger. This gives us different output speeds and different prices to suit all budget and automation levels.
Automatic Namkeen Packing Machine
Semi Automatic Namkeen Packing Machine

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