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Poha Packing Machine

Poha Packing Machine concerns and scenario Poha packing machine must address the flow characteristics of Poha. It is a very flaky material and is very light in weight. It does not flow very well automatically. In a volumetric cup filling system, poha either sticks while filling or does not discharge fully, consequently the weight of the pouch is not consistent. Poha itself is a competitive product line and constraints in packing pose a significant dent on the profitability of the poha manufacturer. Saving in terms of manpower, material, electricity become important focus areas. Standard Poha packs are in the range of 200gm to 1kg. And it should be possible to pack both these ranges in the same machine. In poha packing machine changing of weight from one setting to the other must be easy, also poha must not stick in any part of the machine. It should be able to maintain the weight accuracy, while being simple to operate. Conventionally poha packing is done manually in many industries. A team of 3-5 people fill, weigh and seal the pouches. It poses a problem of limitation on productivity, hygiene is compromised and quality of packing is not good. If the nett weight that is packed in each pouch is less then the distributors and dealers raise a complaint. To overcome this issue manufacturers are forced to pack higher quantity per pouch. If the upper level of the weight that is packed in the pouch is not controlled then it affects the profitability of the manufacturer adversely and it is the single most significant reason due to which 60% of units that run into losses in the first year of operation. Solution – Poha Packing Machine We manufacture poha packing machines that fill on the basis of weight and packs the pouches automatically. Poha packing machine has vibratory feeder below the hopper, which causes the poha to move from the hopper to the weighing pan. From there it is discharged into the pouch. In this machine the poha flows freely and there are no short fills. Poha Packing machine is capable of packing multiple net weights in the same machine. The display memory stores the various setting parameters. Different forming chutes or collar pack pouches of different widths. Nitrogen filling is a part of the standard machine and is fully programmable. The standard machine comes with a pneumatic batch coder, whereas, the ribbon coder is an optional accessory. The coder prints easily the Net Weight, MRP, Lot Code, Date of Manufacture. Further there is an optional output conveyor which pulls out the pouches from the machine. Automatic Poha Packing Machine is available in different formats with one, two or four weighing heads depending on speed and budget. Semi automatic poha packing machines. The poha packaging machine has the same filling system as its fully automatic counterpart. The sealing is done by a separate band sealer or electric sealer. This has certain advantages, the machine is very simple to operate, that alleviates the need of special operators. It is a very cost effective system and ideal for startups or those packing upto 6000 pouches per day.
Automatic Poha Packing Machine
Semi Automatic Poha Packing Machine

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