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Snacks Packing Machine

Snacks Packing Machine concerns and scenario Snacks have some special characteristics that need to be addressed for selecting the snacks packaging machine. They have become an important part of the daily food habits and are consumed by a large percentage of the urban population on a daily basis and they have now started finding inroads into the rural community as well which makes it important to have an effective snacks packing machine. Different Snacks are produced in various shapes and sizes and are sold in small retail packs in the weight range from 10gm to 250g and are sold in of Rs. 5.00 and Rs. 10.00 per pouch. As the variety of products in this segment is more snack packing machine must be able to pack multiple net weights, otherwise the manufacturer may have to invest in multiple machines right in the beginning which may become a costly affair. Also there are different nett weight requirements and variation in bulk density makes it difficult to pack efficiently in volumetric cup fillers. Though the cup fillers are very cost effective but it is not simple to set up and has a limitation on the nett weight that can be packed in one machine. Manpower costs is increasing consistently and it becomes necessary to have a machine that optimizes both the material saving and manpower saving to maintain profit levels. In volumetric cup fillers the packed weight also goes in the negative side of the set weight, which poses significant legal implications also the retailers and distributors complain because of this the manufacturers lose market share. To overcome this problem of less weight in the pouch manufacturers increase the weight in the pouch and it results in increase in the extra giveaway of the material in the pouch. This causes a significant dent in the profit of the manufacturer when seen on a long term basis say 1 year or 5 years. Solution – Snacks Packing Machine We at Munky Packaging Machines manufacture packaging machines that fill on the basis of weight and pack the pouches automatically. The video given below gives the detailed description of a snacks packing machine. In this machine multiple nett weights of snacks can be packed and the nett weight setting can be changed just by the click of a few buttons. Upto 10 different program settings can be saved in the machine which can be recalled easily from the display panel. Multiple pouch widths of the pouch for snacks can be packed in the same machine just by changing the forming chute or the collar former. Nitrogen filling can be done in the snack packing machine automatically. Pneumatic Batch coding unit is provided which prints the variable information like Nett Weight, MRP, Lot code and date of manufacture. There are other options for printing the same by ribbon coder also. The number of pouches per strip can be programmed from the display console. The snack packaging machine is available in 1, 2 or 4 weighing heads to suit different budget and productivity requirements. Due to these factors the volumetric cup fillers are losing ground and users are shifting to weigh fillers.

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