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Tea Packing Machine

TEA Packing Machine concerns and scenario Tea is an important part of our daily life and it has a huge requirement in the retail segment. Its production is estimated at 1200 Million Tons annually. The significance of tea packing machine cannot be ignored. Tea packing machine is required to fulfill the high demand. CTC tea and Green Tea both are very light in weight from a tea packing perspective and have a non uniform bulk density that may vary from lot to lot or within the lot also due to various factors. The packed tea is sold in various denominations ranging from 25gms to 1kg. Manufacturers and packers, require a tea packing machine that can fill multiple nett weights in the same machine. As the bulk density of tea is not uniform, which causes variation in net weight if packed on the basis of volume. As the raw material costs increase it becomes more important to have a control over the net weight packed in each pouch. If the weight is less then it leads to complaints from the market and may also have a legal implication, so manufacturers who face the problem of variation in weight tend to pack more in each pouch. As extra weight goes in each pouch it adversely affects the economics and erodes the profitability. Watch the short video below for more information on calculating the return on investment in packaging machine. Business owners would love to pack different nett weights in the same machine with minimal change parts. Setting from one weight to the other should be easy. Solution – TEA Packaging Machine We offer tea packaging machine that fills on the basis of weight and packs the bag automatically. Click on the below video link for details of tea packing machine. This machine can fill different nett weights in the same tea packaging machine. To change the size of the pouch the forming chute or the collar former depending on the type of bagger. This machine fills on the basis of weight and packs the pouch automatically. It has batch coder to print the batch code on the pouch. The batch cutter cuts the strip in multiples of pre defined pouches. The machine is available in different options to suit different budgets and different output speeds depending on number of weighing heads that could be one, two or four weighing heads. The machine is available in various formats Single head weigher with bagger, two head weigher with bagger and four head weigher with bagger. This gives us different output speeds and different prices to suit all budget and automation levels.
Automatic Tea Packing Machine
Semi Automatic Tea Packing Machine

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